Dragon Ball Super Is Returning As Toei Animation Is Making More Episodes Of Dragon Ball Super!

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1 Response

  1. Dave says:

    Pretty Stoked like many of us,
    Me and my son(more me) I enjoy the T.O.P so much that I am so excited to see whats up next for Dragon ball Super. I have read so many things and have watched the youtube channels and i am at the edge of my seat.

    as a Canadian in North America i watched Broly on Monday and it was great movie however the Music was awful (Gogeta go, gogeta go) i just shook my head and was left wondering who did the music for the T.O.P and who did the music for the North America Release of Broly because its time to get thisguy on board for future movies lol

    all in all the future for DBS looks bright, I would love to see more into, some of the other universes with Cabba, Hit and then Jurin, Toppo and dyspo teaming up with Goku, Vegita, and their team!!!