Dragon Ball Officially Reveals Who’s Stronger Between Gogeta & Vegito!

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8 Responses

  1. Ilias says:

    That same article was realised back at 1995…So… I don’t know if it is true. Furthermore, the new comment that was given to us by the director of the film stated that they are equal in power so…

    • nubbest says:

      The director didn’t say they are equal in power. Go check the official translations and meanings on twitter by real translators and not people who just spread bad translations. Also, the article is TRUE and released by AKIRA TORIYAMA and it doesn’t matter if gogeta was not canon that time, how does that justify him not being powerful than Vegito? Just accept the fact Gogeta is stronger and move on, it’s not a big deal. Also the article was released in 1995 when the manga was already finished and Vegito was shown in the anime. They released this info to clarify on their power levels.

      • Nigel Brooks says:

        Hey, i got a couple questions about the translation. Does the fact part where it says “… is able to draw their power out to the max“ mean to the highest, like higher than Potaras? Also is “Fusion able to draw their power to max“ because it has better balance? Sorry if this is confusing, but its just that its not explicitly said, they kinda doing it vaguely just like with the last part with “Vegito would win a longer battle“ and what they dont say is that he would “win“ only because Gogeta would defuse (not to mention fight in DBZ cant go 2 ways)… Just to clarify some more, im wondering if can be translated like this : “Fusion has better balance and because of it is able to draw out their power to the highest“. This is what they seem to be saying, but im wondering because max can mean in general (max out of all, highest out of all) or it can mean Gogetas max power. Hope you understood what im trying to get across, its just that i feel that they either translated it vaguely or the original is vague.

        • nubbest says:

          The translations are vague everywhere but as far as I know according to my friend who watched the movie, Gogeta says this kind of line to Frieza – “This fusion is not just simply adding two powers, it gives a power even greater than that” Now, I think this is just an indirect statement against Vegito.

          Also in the translation you’re talking about, it means that the ‘correct’ fusion technique brings out the true harmony between the 2 users. Not anyone can do fusion while Potara is just addition of power levels between any users. If you have any other ques, please do ask them. We have a comment approval system, that’s why I think it took some time to approve your comments

  2. Ilias says:

    No… The director said exactly that neither is inferior to the other. Also, don’t compare gogeta in the movie and vegito in the series. Even if it is officially realised then it is also officially realised an encyclopedia from toriyama himself stating that vegito is stronger. So… AND,you doh realise that if gogeta is equal or stronger to vegito then there is a plot hole.

  3. Ilias says:

    First of all… It is said by everyone in the anime at this point that vegito is stronger. Buu said it himself that if they fused with the dance they wouldn’t be capable of deafiting him. Even elder Kai doubted fusion dance’s power. Secondly, why use potara anymore if gogeta is stronger or equally matched? There would be no reason to the previously supierior fusion to exist anymore. And don’t tell me that they have to dance and because of that vegito exists. In the fight with zamasu, why did the choose to go with the potara? Since they didn’t know of the time drain because of the energy, if the were so sure about gogeta’s power why didn’t the transform to him? Half an hour whould be enough for them if gogeta was as strong as vegito.

    • nubbest says:

      Dude… they have never performed Fusion Dance before and why are you taking filler and stuff said in anime in the argument when the creator himself is saying something. The anime is created by animation studios and they add a lot of extra things for no reason. Also, Vegeta doesn’t even know the dance but they have used Potara before. Do you think they had the time to learn the dance or use the Potara fusion instantly as Supreme Kai offered his earrings for the fusion? Also, please state your source where ‘everyone in the anime’ said Vegito is stronger? How can they say that when gogeta NEVER appeared in the series!? Also please show me where did Buu said that lol