Where & How To Watch Dragon Ball Super: Broly – Worldwide!

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4 Responses

  1. Ovik says:

    There are so many Dragon Ball fans in Bangladesh.
    Please keep Bangladesh in that list .
    We are waiting for this .
    I can’t wait 😭

  2. Aatish says:

    Plz release dragon ball super broly movie in India there are too many dragon ball fans plz plz we want don’t remove India from ur list we are waiting for it for long 😢😢 we are urs fans too , when we were kids we all like to watch dbz but when anime was stopped telecasting in 2008 in India then u almost forgot us , u entertain all over world who are still like ur children but u have forgot those children from India who were die heart fan of u😢 but we did not forgot u , we all u to come back again we r missing u plz plz release movie in India😭😭

  3. HH says:

    i hope this movie comes in Finland as well so i could actually go watch it in theater other wise im going to just watch it free on internet when it comes there

  4. Samir Yeager says:

    Bangladesh – January 18