Dragon Ball Super Chapter 47 English – Majin Buu vs Moro!

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4 Responses

  1. boi says:

    Thanks for the summary, looks like the next couple of chapters are gonna be intense, hopefully the anime will be even better.

  2. Anon says:

    Another reason as to how Super has such bad writing, so Majin Buu is able to hurt Moro when Goku and Vegeta with God ki couldn’t? This is what the series is at now, probably for the next arc if Goku can’t win, they will send in Krillin to beat the villain and he will win.

    • nubbest says:

      It’s not that Buu is stronger than Goku or Vegeta. Buu’s body is such that Moro’s energy absorption technique doesn’t work. Goku and Vegeta likes to fight their enemies. They could have killed Moro in one shot but they didn’t do that and now they are facing the consequences.

    • Captain Silver says:

      It can’t always be goku and Vegeta although that’s what we like. It’s good they are bringing back the squad in action